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Professional photography

We have a select team of professional photographers with experience in various environments.

Professional video & 2D animation

For corporate videos, music, documentary or live broadcast on social networks.

Aerial recordings

Discover new angles to offer real estate or adventure tourism experiences.

Marriages and events

Do not miss the opportunity to immortalize the great moments of your life, choose the best quality.

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Who owns the files?

You course!

We will not use the material generated for your project with third parties, so you can use it as and where you prefer.

Under what kind of conditions can they record?

Our team has experience with both mountain recordings under extreme conditions, sporting events and in corporate situations. Tell us about your project and we will adapt to your requirements.

What is required for aerial recordings are temperatures between -10 ° C to 40 ° C, absence of rain and winds not exceeding 30 kph. There must be a GPS signal and the flight zone must be safe.

Where can they do jobs?

For now we have our production team in Chile and Spain. In case you require services in other countries, send us a message to evaluate the available options. We are always available for new adventures!

What special features can I request?

Anything you can imagine we can work with. Traditional requests we get are  voice over recordings in different languages, entering subtitles, making advanced color corrections or integrating background music.


Still have doubts?

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