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Leave your website today in good hands

Good maintenance is key to a successful website. By leaving your website in the hands of a team of professionals, you will be saving potential inconveniences, attracting customers and increasing your sales.

We have our own servers worldwide, high performance and security, constantly monitored.

Plans and Prices

Basic Plan

$31.5 with 10% Annual Discount

$35 USD /mo

 WordPress updates
 Daily backups
Uptime and security monitor
Performance analysis
Access to usage statistics
SSD Cloud Smart Hosting

Medium Plan

$54 with 10% Annual Discount

$60 USD /mo

Everything on “Basic” plus
Backups every 6 hours
Advanced load optimization
Content modification
Priority technical support
Strategic planning

Advanced Plan

$180 with 10% Annual Discount

$200 USD /mo

Everything on “Medium” plus
 Support with advanced settings
Dynamic SEO Monitor
Continuous backup copies
Basic Marketing Advice
Dedicated Cloud Server*

*19% VAT for Chilean customers
Do you need a customized solution? Contact us!

Do you only need hosting?

We have a plan for $40 USD per year to have your space online with the basics.

What is the advice on Digital Marketing?

We will support you in the creation and planning of your digital marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads. You will also receive support in bulk SMS or Mail Marketing. In this way you can capture your first customers to grow your project.

It does not include the graphic design of advertisements or the external investment to be made in external suppliers.

What level of performance do Tucango servers have?

We work with world-class providers such as DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

We work based on a reasonable use principle I.n case your storage levels or number of visits require an increase in capacity, we will notify you to expand towards a personalized plan according to your  growth.

What do I do if I want to go back to a previous backup?

You will be able to contact us through our official communication channels and our team will be in charge of returning to the last point of safe restoration without problems.

Why is it important to optimize my website?

Your site becomes popular as long as your visitors and search engines like it. If you are slow, have errors or security flaws, you will not be able to position your project on the Internet in a competitive way.

Still have doubts?

Request a call to resolve all your concerns